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Welcome to Fontana: Your Tokyo Home

## About Fontana

Fontana is your gateway to affordable and conveniently located apartments and guesthouses in the heart of Tokyo. Established in 1990, we take pride in offering over 800 furnished accommodations, ensuring a hassle-free living experience for our tenants.

## Why Choose Fontana?

With a legacy spanning over 25 years, Fontana understands the challenges faced by foreign nationals in securing accommodation in Tokyo. Unlike traditional agencies, Fontana provides a host of benefits, including:

- **No key money**
- **No agency fee**
- **No maintenance fee**
- **No contract renewal fee**
- **No guarantor required**
- **Open to all nationalities**
- **Fully furnished options**
- **Same-day move-in possibility**
- **Simple and transparent contract procedures**

## Reservation Process

### 1. Find a Place

Navigate our user-friendly website to discover apartments or guesthouse rooms that match your preferences. Search by location, rental price, train line, and more.

### 2. Book a Showing

If you're already in Japan, contact us to schedule a viewing. Our agents will guide you through the property and answer any queries.

Fontana strives to uphold consistent furniture standards as depicted in our property listings for each apartment. However, occasional situations arise where furniture might be damaged or replaced by previous occupants, making an exact replication challenging. While we aim to maintain updated pictures, this might not always be feasible when a property is occupied at the time.

### 3. Reservation Process

To reserve your chosen space, contact us by phone, email, Facebook, or our website. Pay a partial deposit to secure your reservation. Note that this deposit is non-refundable should you choose to cancel your reservation.

- Apartment: 30,000 JPY
- Guesthouse room: 20,000 JPY

Opting for TransferWise is the recommended choice for individuals not opting for cash payments. Ensure you establish your account before arriving in Japan. Set up your account at https://wise.com/
For bank transfers, payments can be made through either a Japanese or foreign bank account. For international bank transfers, kindly add ¥4000 to the transaction. Utilize the following details:

**Domestic Bank Transfer**
- Bank Name: Mizuho Bank
- Branch Name: Nakano branch #351
- Account Number: 3024249
- Account Type: Futsu
- Account Holder: Fontana

**International Bank Transfer**
- Bank Name: Mizuho Bank
- Branch Name: Nakano branch #351
- Account Number: 3024249
- Account Type: Futsu
- Swift Code: MHCBJPJT
- Account Holder: Fontana

Please be advised that Fontana has implemented a policy with a maximum 21-day window before the automatic commencement of rent charges. If you submit the reservation fee for an apartment currently available, your rent will automatically commence within a maximum of 21 days, irrespective of your move-in status within that timeframe. Similarly, for apartments becoming available, rent will automatically start within a maximum of 21 days after the available date. To ensure a smoother transition, we strongly recommend choosing an apartment available within 21 days of your planned check-in date. If you wish to extend the 21-day move-in window by an additional week, please consult your agent.

### What's Needed to Rent from Fontana?

Submit a copy of your ID (e.g., Passport or Residence Card), a security deposit, and the first month's rent at our office.

## Our Apartments and Guesthouses

### 1. Security Deposit

- Apartments: 1 months rent
- Guesthouses: Half 1 month's rent

### 2. Minimum Stay

- Apartments: 2 months
- Guesthouses: 1 month

### 3. Number of tenants per room

- Apartments: Subject to apartments size
- Guesthouse: 1 person per room

### 4. Internet

Enjoy free internet in all our properties.

### 5. Utilities

- Apartments: Gas, water, and electricity are not included.
- Guesthouses: Utilities are generally included. Refer to property details for specifics.

To ensure adequate coverage for utility expenses in apartments, it is advisable to allocate around 10,000 Japanese Yen per month in your budget.

### 6. Service fee

A service fee will be incurred at the commencement of any new contract during the check-in procedure.

- Apartment: 30,000 JPY
- Guesthouse room: 20,000 JPY

### 7. Insurance

Every private apartment mandates an insurance payment as a safeguard against unforeseen events such as accidental fires or flooding. Fontana provides the option of monthly insurance for 2,000 yen or a 6-month plan priced at 7,500 yen.

### 8. Cleaning fee

A cleaning fee will be charged at the end of any contract during the check-out process. The amount will be specified in the contract agreement and deducted from the security deposit.

- Apartment: 25,000 - 50,000 JPY
- Guesthouse room: 15,000 - 20,000 JPY

## Moving In with Fontana

### 1. Arranging the Move-In

Once confirmed, your sales representative will coordinate a move-in time and explain the procedure.

### 2. Move-In Day

Meet at our Shin-Nakano office, complete the necessary paperwork, and finalize payments. A walkthrough inspection of the property and handover of the keys follows. Kindly be aware that you might need to participate in a gas service activation appointment for certain apartments.

### 3. Move-In Process in Short

1. Schedule a move-in with your agent.
2. Meet at our office.
3. Go through the contract and payment.
4. ID verification.
5. Accompanied move-in.
6. Receive keys
7. Gas service activation appointment.

## During Your Stay

### 1. Guesthouses

Common areas are cleaned weekly. Tenants are responsible for room cleanliness and personal space upkeep.

### 2. Apartments

Tenants manage everyday maintenance, garbage separation per Japanese law, and other responsibilities.

### 3. Garbage

Not properly disposing of your trash according to Japanese regulations may lead to penalty charges.

### 4. Fontana Repairs/Replaces

- Fridge
- AC
- Microwave
- Internet/Wifi
- Gas stove/IH stove
- Washing machine
- Major damages

### 5. Guests and Rent Payment

- Private apartments: Guests are welcome with a copy of their ID.
- Guesthouses: Guests must leave by 10 p.m.
- Rent is due by the 28th of each month.
- Rent payment can be completed using the details provided in the reservation process section on this page.

## Moving Out

### 1. Submitting Notice

Provide at least one month's notice. Notify via email, in person, or by phone. Cancel utilities with the respective companies. 

Please ensure the closure of your gas, water, and electricity utility accounts. We recommend reaching out to each respective company at least three weeks prior to your intended checkout date. If you are unable to communicate in Japanese or lack telephone access, kindly schedule an appointment with your Fontana agent between Monday and Saturday, from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm. We will gladly help you with the cancellation procedure. Keep in mind that, due to data protection protocols, the utility companies may require direct communication with the account holder. However, they do offer assistance in English. Not closing your utility account may lead to your deposit refund being retained until all your accounts are properly closed.

Tepco Electricity: 0120-995-113
Tokyo Water: 05-7009-1100
Tokyo Gas: 05-7000-2211

### 2. Final Payment

Rent is due by the 28th, even if moving out early. Final rent will be calculated until the move-out date, as long as a full one-month notice has been submitted.

### 3. Move-Out Day

Prepare for move-out, close utility contracts, correct garbage disposal per Japanese law, and receive an inspection by Fontana. Return keys. 

### 4. Security Deposit Information

A partially refundable security deposit is required for all properties. Fontana conducts a thorough inspection of the property on move-out day. Upon meeting contract requirements, settling utility accounts, and ensuring the property's condition, the deposit (minus cleaning fees) will be returned. Failure to meet these conditions may result in additional deductions from the deposit or retention of the refund until all requirements are fulfilled.

## Special Deals

### 1. Student Discount Offer

No current discount offers are available.

### 2. Introduction Discount

Refer a friend and claim a 5,000 JPY rent discount. Provide the necessary details during the inquiry process.

Explore Tokyo living with Fontana - Your Comfortable, Affordable, and Hassle-Free Home Solution!